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Encapsulation by Design

Encapsulation allows the development of shelf-stable formulations using ingredients that are normally incompatible. Read more >
Bluefin robot being lifted into water

Enhancing Endurance

Battelle provides superior solutions by applying internally and externally sourced proven technologies. Read more >
Man's face on a green background with DNA strands.

Fast, Accurate Answers

New technologies have emerged that enable more precise identification and characterization of individual humans, microbes. Read more >

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Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response
SiteGuard Active Shooter Response

Is Training Enough?

Using established technology, SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response saves time to save lives by detecting, locating and responding to gunfire - automatically - reducing response times in the first critical and chaotic minutes of an incident. Read more >
The Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule™ Additive

A one-step solution for bleach and activation.

Battelle uses microencapsulation technology to create shelf-stable products that combine formerly incompatible ingredients. All of this adds up to an environmentally friendly product that enables better cleaning in cold water, with the added benefit of energy savings. Read more >

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Children working in a lab environment
3 Great Ways Anyone Can Support STEM Now

Posted by Battelle Staff on August 11, 2015
We believe quality STEM education is one of the best ways to prepare children for life in the 21st century. Feel the same way? [...]

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Rocket being launched into the sky.
A Short, Explosive History of U.S. Missile Defense (Infographic)

Posted by Battelle Staff on July 29, 2015
How did we get from "the rockets' red glare" to modern missile defense? Find out with our new infographic. [...]

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Social icons on a blue background.
The Limits of Big Data: Why We Still Need Humans

Posted by Battelle Staff on July 28, 2015
Advanced data mining methods like horizon scanning can help companies sift through the billions of bytes of data. [...]

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