How do you know which product innovations will keep you ahead of the competition and meet emerging market expectations? Battelle’s World Personal Care Program provides key analytics and ingredient data to give you a competitive edge in this ever-growing business segment.

Our World Personal Care Program provides economical, well-timed and exacting data about new formulations, products and presentations within the global marketplace. We give you the insights you need to develop new products that revolutionize the market and drive consumer demand. 

Why You Need It: The Subscriber Advantage

Battelle’s World Personal Care Program helps put you at the forefront of product innovation and brand success.

Our multidisciplinary team of chemical engineers, chemists and market researchers study 60 global personal care product formulations annually, and give subscribers to our World Personal Care Program immediate access to their chemistry-based compositional analyses, findings, reports and technical expertise.

How It Works: Shared Resources

As a subscriber, you’ll join other subscribers, including product companies, formulators and ingredient suppliers, for exclusive access to Battelle’s personal care study findings. The shared subscriber model makes the World Personal Care Program substantially more economical than any single study.

This affordable, subscriber-only arrangement gives you complete access to global findings including:

  • Ongoing product analyses from companies that produce multinational, private label and generic detergent formulations and products sold in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin American
  • Early-alert chemical analyses of significant new product introductions
  • Summaries, presentations and forum discussions with other, like-minded subscribers
  • Analytical development updates
  • Access to the technical expertise of Battelle’s multidisciplinary team

Personal Care Products

  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Lotions & Creams
  • Body Wash and Bathing Gels


Our personal care studies quantitatively determine and evaluate these ingredients, reconstructing them in weight percentages:

  • Surfactants
  • Emollients (method under development)
  • Foam stabilizers
  • Conditioning polymers
  • Rheology control agents
  • Complexing agents
  • Hydrotropen