Medical Devices

Accelerating Innovation for the Healthier World

Let Battelle help you accelerate your medical product development timeline, from ideation to evaluation to commercialization. Our multi-disciplinary teams advance innovation by integrating world-class expertise across a wide range of science and engineering disciplines. We are redefining the possible in drug delivery, Human Centric Design (HCD), molecular imaging, in vitro diagnostics and neurotechnology.

  • Drug Delivery. Bring innovative new drug and biologic delivery systems to market safely and effectively. Battelle provides risk assessment, sustaining engineering support or complete end-to-end development solutions for combination injection devices, patch-pumps, infusion pumps, contrast media injectors, inhalation delivery systems, skin permeation delivery systems and emerging drug delivery innovations.
  • Human Centric Design (HCD). Translate ambiguous end-user needs into specific technical and engineering requirements. Battelle has applied Human Centric Design principles to medical device development for more than half a century. Our cross-disciplinary HCD teams combine cognitive psychology, behavioral science, industrial design, materials science and engineering.
  • Molecular Imaging. Translate scientific discovery into innovative molecular imaging applications. Battelle applies expertise in biomarkers, medical device development and molecular probes to deliver real-world solutions for our clients. Our scientists work on the leading edge of nuclear medicine and imaging across a broad spectrum of specialties including radiopharmaceutical delivery, power injector systems, radiopharmaceutical and radioisotope generation, gamma imaging and PET/SPECT technology.
  • In Vitro Diagnostics. Minimize your risks, reduce time to market and provide a smooth transition from R&D to manufacturing with Battelle’s diagnostic product development services. We integrate product development and engineering; advanced materials development; bioinformatics; biologics development; biomarker research, development, discovery and validation; chemistry development; optics development and engineering; FDA regulatory compliance; and manufacturing solutions.
  • Neurotechnology. Find new applications for the latest discoveries in neurotechnology. Battelle scientists and engineers are applying the latest technologies and neural decoding methods to develop pioneering neurotechnology applications, from wheelchair control to brain cancer detection. We integrate expertise across multiple disciplines including control systems, automated and robotics systems, sensor development, electrical and electromechanical device design and electrophysiological signal processing.
  • 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping. Mitigate risk and improve cost-effectiveness with Battelle's 3D printing/rapid prototyping service. We utilize the latest, leading-edge technology to quickly create product prototypes that help you identify potential deficiencies early in the developmental process. 

Battelle Neurotechnology

Everday, we help those that suffer from brain and spinal injuries with our market-ready neurotechnology solutions.

Battelle Medical Devices

Our cross-disciplinary approach gets medical devices to market faster.