Does your mission or business performance rely on your ability to acquire, architect and manage large data sets? Battelle is solving the data analytics problems that matter most today with a full suite of integrated services, semi-custom software products and emerging technologies. We work with clients in healthcare, finance and banking, security, energy, environment and other markets to develop customized solutions to:

  • optimize decision making and resource allocation
  • predict events or situations
  • protect critical assets
  • improve operating performance
  • understand customers’ needs

Our services combine statistical and semantic methods of analysis, modeling and simulation, and high-performance computing capabilities for effective data acquisition, analysis and integration. We excel in introducing solutions that require acquisition and analysis of heterogeneous, intermittent or dispersed data that involves uncertainty, incompleteness or error but still requires effective, efficient analysis and dissemination.

  • Customer Insight Analytics: Predict customer behavior using advanced analytics and modeling techniques. Develop improved predictions about loss risk, revenue potential, brand loyalty and marketing success probability to decrease costs and increase revenue.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: Detect criminal or fraudulent activity (including identity theft and false insurance claims) by discovering non-traditional indicators from customer interactions and social media. Model the fraud problem and associated risks using advanced machine learning techniques and unstructured data analysis.
  • Scenario Planning and Decision Support: Investigate hypothetical scenarios and relationships, and perform predictive analytics using statistical models to extrapolate future scenarios based on existing data. Identify what’s relevant and contextualize data in a way that empowers informed decision making.
  • Threat Anticipation and Response: Identify threats to national security by discovering allegiances, activities and relationships among people, targets and events from complex structured and unstructured data across multiple sources. Provide alerts and assessments of the threats.
  • Advisory Services: Engage our analytical teams along with our subject matter experts in healthcare, finance and banking, energy, environment, security and other markets and with cutting-edge technology and analytical methods. We advise clients on technical architectures, proven software and hardware products, and how to distribute data and computing processes optimally to key decision makers.